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Wordwide Imports and Exports Consultancy Started in 1996, Excella has established itself as a leading imports and exports consultant, with strong business relations stretching to countries from 4 different continents. We have successfully built a strong bond with our clients, associates & distributors, instilling a strong sense of association & belongingness leading to continuous growth of our organization. In our pursuit to excellence,…


‘They have practically rescued my company from bankruptcy! By associating with Excella Team, I was able to pinpoint production areas that were going from bad to worse which were also escalating my expenses. Thanks to their excellent support system, our vendor debt has diminished drastically and we’ve also been able to penetrate newer markets. But for them I would have been in deep trouble!’
Joseph Hartman, MD, Luxury Designs

‘We thank you for extending your helping hand by preparing an insightful brand development/expansion plan for our upcoming manufacturing plant. The feedback from our top-level management has been very encouraging and we are in full of admiration for your unparalleled professionalism, quality, and the ability to offers great insights about our strategic objectives’.
Boris Smultzer, CEO of Hallmark Ventures

‘Promises are very easy to make but hard to keep. But not with Excella Team, who do absolute justice to their name and believe that actions speak louder than words! After associating with them, we went from being a loss making unit to being comfortably profitable. Not only have our gross margins risen by 20% in first year of association with them; we’ve also managed to keep our inventory under control and our staff is responding brilliantly to the company’s creative brand enhancement suggestions. Highly recommended, over and over again!’
Daniel Raymond, Independent business owner

‘Excella’s contribution through their consultancy services has been truly invaluable. Their product feasibility report and recommendations have gone a long way in streamlining our vision for future growth and we‘ve already started to see great results. They are truly unique in that their approach is positive, informal and personable. We’re truly happy for the support rendered by them throughout the consultation and beyond.’
Josh McKenzie, CEO, Verve, LLC