Carbon is used for Decaffeination, Gold Purification, Electroplating, Air/Gas Purification, Drinking Water Purification, Waste Water Filtration, Metals Extraction, Agriculture, Wine making, Distilled Alcoholic Beverages Purification, Fuel Storage, Chemical Purification, Sound Absorption, Mercury Scrubbing, Multimetals & Alloys, Copper Tubes, Rubber Reclamation, Boilers, Refractory’s, Foundries, Paints, Polish, Insulation, Material Sealing, Coatings etc.

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Carbon with different specifications is used in different industry. Carbon is made through process like Coconut Shell, Feedstock, and Petroleum etc.

We have Activated Carbon & Black Carbon.

In Activated Carbon these type of Carbon are provided Granular Activated Carbon Powder, Powdered, Water Filtration Media, Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, Water Treatment Chemicals, Water Treatment Media, Aqua Chemicals Media, Aqua Chemicals, Aqua Solutions Activated Filter Media, Coal Based Activated Carbon, Bituminous Coal Activated Carbon.


In Black carbon depending on your Usage, Ash Content & Moisture Carbon will be provided. We have Black Carbon with 1% to 70% Ash Content and on the basis of same price vary.

Being one of the biggest exporter from India our price are best with excellent quality.